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Bodidata for uniform and workwear companies

  • Kora scanning device

    The worlds only mobile scanning device able to scan an individual wearing streetwear.

  • Partner portal

    An intuitive online portal that assists with every possible step of the fitting session.

  • Bodi-ID

    The Bodi-ID keeps the wearer in control of his or her data while professionals are able to deliver the right size.



The only tool you need

Kora™ is our award-winning patented, multi-sensor handheld scanner. Kora™ is the only handheld scanner able to take an individual’s 3D body measurements while in streetwear.

  • Fast and easy to use with minimal training
  • Intuitive augmented reality UI
  • Eliminates manual measurement or the need to touch the person being measured.

Partner portal

Manage your fitting sessions

Digitally manage your customer and fitting sessions using our online partner portal. Get a complete overview of styles, wearers and orders with just a few intuitive clicks.

  • Client management
  • Project creation and style allocation
  • Wearer management
  • Easy data export


World class size-matching

Bodipass Pro uses Bodimatch® algorithms. Bodimatch® matches each individual's unique body shape and measurements to the optimal size using our style taxonomy of detailed clothing specifications, fabric elasticity, movement, function, visual appearance standards and wearer preference.

Most uniforms are ready to wear and not a bespoke or custom fit. Bodimatch® recommends the optimal size that minimizes alterations.

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